Best Food Blogs

I love to read food blogs of all kinds here are some lists of some of my favorites. If you have a suggestion for one that I have missed post a link and I will check it out.

Top 10 Favorite Food Blogs
Awesome mushroom snacks,
Michael Ruhlman a guy who thinks and lives food. Love all of his books.
You want to think outside the box about food check out this.
I love the idea of bento boxes. don't do them often but good recipes are good.
Awesome blog about food in general, Japanese food specifically.
Science and food, what you've always wanted to know, or didn't know you wanted to know.
FOOD, beautiful, cooked at home yummy looking, invite me for dinner FOOD.
 Wow, how do you have it all together such beautiful pictures of scrumptious food.
Love canning things and enjoying them out of season.  This blog tells you whats happening on all the canning fronts. 
Need visual inspiration for dinner. You will love this site if your Internet is fast enough, which mine isn't lately.

Boozy Blogs about cocktails

Coming SOON

I love this dog he knows how to cook!
This lady is awesome, I don't know how to cook anything she does.

Just for fun
If you want to laugh your ass off check this out.
This blog will come in handy if your stove ever breaks.
Will it waffle

Serious Cooking, geek cooking,
The French Culinary Institutes Tech Blog.  They use all kinds of fancy lab equipment to cook stuff.
A very sciencey approach to food. I love the flavor pairing projects.


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