Felted Rocks Rock, A New Pet Rock for Me!

I have been admiring felty craftiness recently. You can check out some truely inspiring creations here on my pinterest board Feeling Felty.  I  have been trying to reign in my craft spending over the last couple of years, partly to save money partly to get rid of stuff I already have on hand.  For this felted project I used some leftover roving from a felting kit, a rock, and some wool yarn that I turned back into wool! I have been wondering if you could dissect your wool yarn scraps and make needle felted items with it, and the answer is yes you can. More on that later. Here is rocky the blind mouse(haven't decided what kind of eyes he should have), he started life as a plain but nicely shaped rock.

felted mouse rock!

 I also made just a fancy felted rock, I told my daughter it was a dragon egg. She was unimpressed and said that I had obviously made it. She also informed me that dragon eggs were blue with light blue spots. Try again I guess.

Rock Buddies.

I also did some painted, and image transfered rock art.  More to come.  Over and out.


  1. That is SO cute! Really creative. Looking forward to your other rock projects :)


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