Recycled Crafts, How to make a tiny book from scrap paper and a beer box.

I was so in love with the matchbooklet that I made as a present for my sister, that I had to make another one.  The only problem......I had no more vintage matchbooks. Lucky for me I had an empty six pack carton from my favorite beer(Bells Two-Hearted), and some scrap paper. I made a template or you to make your own matchbook book.
Items needed for this project
Dowload the template and cut from your heavy paper, fold along the lines indicated.  Then cut your scrap paper the same size as the back of the book, maybe slightly smaller.
Place cut paper into cover making sure it will close correctly, Like a matchbook. If it doesn't trim paper until it does.
Once paper is in place, secure with a clamp. Use your Dremel with a very small drill bit to drill four evenly spaced holes.  The holes need to be near the bottom but still catch all the pages.  If you don't have a dremel you could use this technique with a thumbtack, but I would suggest less pages.
Then using the thread and needle, sew your matchbooklet together. For tips on how to sew it together read the vintage matchbooklet tutorial . As you can see I drilled my holes wonky, you can do better, I know you can. The next one I drilled all the holes straight. A few Dremel tips from my husband. Use a thumbtack to mark where you want the hole, and use the Dremel on full speed.

That's it now you have a cute little notebook for your pocket or purse. The pages will stay nice and protected inside the cover.
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