Recycled Crafts: How to make a book from a vintage matchbook.

Here's another recycled paper craft for your enjoyment. The following tutorial will show you how to make a book from a vintage matchbook.(if you don''t have a Vintage matchbook, but still want to make this project, download tiny book template here)  The result is a tiny notebook that I call a matchbooklet. Lets start with a picture of the finished product.
Recycled paper crafts, matchbooklet.

I think this may qualify as book art.

Things you need for this project,

  • Vintage matchbook
  • scrap paper
  • scissors or exacto knife
  • thumb tack
  • strong thread (I used upholstery thread)
  • sewing needle
  • dab of glue (optional)

 First thing you need to do is take the matches out of your matchbook.
Carefully remove the staple.
To do this carefully remove the staple at the bottom of the book.  Then cut a stack of about 30 paper squares roughly the size of the matches you removed. You can always trim them down if the matchbook doesn't close right. I cut a decorative square of vintage paper for the top page.

Everything ready to assemble.

Being careful to keep them straight tuck the pages into your matchbook. Using a thumbtack and following the staple holes, pierce two holes all the way through the pages.
Next using the sewing needle and thread. Thread the needle with a double strand, and start on inside back of matchbook go out and back through other hole without pulling thread all the way through. Then catch thread with needle to secure.

This will hide the thread ends and prevent the thread pulling out. Next sew through pages and front of matchbook, then back through other hole etc.  Sew until it is secured to your liking.  To hide the thread ends I poked the needle through the front of the matchbook but not the pages, then tied a knot, and trimmed the thread.

I then used a dab of glue on the threads to make sure they wouldn't move or loosen. This step was probably unnecessary, but satisfying.
That's it! Go and enjoy scribbling notes on your vintage matchbooklet.  Mine is a birthday present for my sister.
Write a note in your handmade book!

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  1. I saw you on Craft gossip, this is a great idea!

  2. Thanks! If you make one of your own I would love to see the results.

  3. This is really a great idea. Using a match to make a notepad.

    Annabella Merlin
    Creative Photo Albums


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