Recycled Crafts: Warm fleece cowl, Another way to give an old t-shirt new life

Living in Minnesota inspires me to make a lot of winter accessories.  And loving nature inspires me to reuse and recycle craft materials. When the weather is chilly there's nothing better than having a warm soft cowl, or neck warmer as I often call them.
Fleece cowl
I was inspired to make this cowl recently when I tried to wear this shirt I had picked up at the thrift store. It was hopelessly too short, and a little too tight. Time to recycle this shirt!

The shirt was a very thin thermal knit so I decided to line it with fleece. This orange fleece from my stash just happened to be exactly the right width already!
I cut off the bottom of the shirt like so.
Then I cut the fleece to match, the slight flare of the bottom of the shirt works perfectly for a cowl.

Then I sewed up the side of the fleece, to make it into a tube. And put the right sides of the fleece and shirt together.
Then I sewed the top(narrower) edge. Turned the cowl right side out, and sewed the bottom edge using the hem of the shirt to make the bottom look finished. While sewing the bottom edge I used a zig zag stitch and stretched both fabrics a bit to create a slight flair at the bottom.
Viola! A nice cozy cowl, made with recycled craft materials.  Now I am ready to brave the elements. Come on snow I am ready.

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  1. GREAT Idea...
    Do you have a tutorial for making a Jean skirt, about knee length,or a t-shirt dress?

  2. Thanks Renee,
    I do have a tutorial for a jean skirt. It is here
    Reusing Jeans in a new Way
    If you have any questions, let me know. I don't have a t-shirt dress tutorial right now, maybe next summer (I just got a chill thinking about wearing a t-shirt dress right now)

  3. Great, Thank you :)

  4. Oh BTW, I found you over at :)

  5. I love craftster! I think I saw some t-shirt dresses over there recently?

  6. I have not found any,not less I am just missing it ... I just wanted something I could make to wear around the house,and save my best dresses for Church :)That is why I thought oh T-shirt dresses...

  7. I posted some tuts over at my blog to refurbish clothing :)and jewerly I made...also crochet projects I have done

  8. I love this tutorial. Easy and so cute! I love that it is a cowl with no long scarf ends to deal with. Perfect for a Minnesota (or Wisconsin) winter. Thanks!

  9. Thanks Ruth, it is supercomfy too. I wear mine around the house when its chilly.


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