Recycled crafts: Upcycle your Christmas sweater into legwarmers!

Recycled sweater, Christmas legwarmers
Christmas is over, but don't throw out that ugly Christmas sweater, upcycle it into warm cozy holiday legwarmers.  Sweaters are great for recycled crafting. And next Christmas you can get a new sweater or just wear your homemade legwarmers!
For this project you will need
Ugly over sized Christmas sweater

  • Christmas sweater, any material is fine, (if your sweater is to small for adult legwarmers consider making baby or toddler legwarmers.)
  • sewing machine or needle and thread

 Steps to making legwarmers from a sweater.
  1. Measure around leg where top of legwarmer will be.  Divide measurement in half and subtract one inch. This will be the width of your legwarmer.(if you want baggy legwarmers or flared, just add a few inches to the bottom width of the legwarmer)
  2. Measure leg from where the top of legwarmer will be to your foot. this will be the length of your legwarmer.
  3. Lay sweater on floor with hems straight.
  4. Cut out rectangles using previous measurements. Use the hem of the sweater for the bottom of legwarmers. Try to incorporate as much of the graphics or design as possible.
  5. Turn legwarmers so right sides are together and stitch side seams with a zig zag or overlock stitch with 1/2 inch seam allowance. Be careful not to stretch while sewing. 
  6. Turn right side out.
  7. Fold top of legwarmer to the inside about 1/2 inch creating a hem. stitch closed. Stretch while stitching for a ruffled look.
  8. Add pom poms or other decorations if you need more bling
  9. Wear!


  1. Oh Those are so cute,,,

  2. f$#('n sweeeeet! I miss you lady! When are you coming to Portland to hang out!?

  3. Hi, Illona. Miss you too. I'm coming to Portland sometime next fall I hope!


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