Recycled crafts, Recycle bottle caps and wine corks into Christmas ornaments

I have a plethora of bottle caps and wine corks. So I am always looking for recycled craft projects.  For some reason I thought a bottle cap collection was a really good idea.  The wine corks I got from work for a long forgotten about project.  Of course I still have these things because of their potential craft possibilities. Well, lately I have been on a craft spending freeze until I have crafted up some, if not all of my stash(aka hoard).  So I was thinking about Christmas tree ornaments and was pretty sure I had seen some made out of wine corks. A little googling and you will see a lot of cork reindeer ornaments. And not much else.

I made a reindeer, but it wasn't really my thing. I felt like it should have real sticks for antlers and legs.  But that would have required foraging for sticks outside and adding to the chaos of my craft room.  Then, I decided that I should incorporate bottle caps into the reindeer somehow, so I could at least use up some bottle caps. I placed the bottle cap on the cork and was like wow that looks like a mushroom.  Which is fantastic because earlier I had been considering buying some mushroom ornaments for my tree.  Ever since my mushroom club Christmas meeting, where there was a discussion on the correlation between Santa Clause and Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. Very interesting stuff. Reindeer love to eat psychedelic mushrooms! I always wondered how they learned to fly.
So I made a few Amanita's
Reindeer and Amanita mushroom made from wine corks.

However I was hesitant to use my coveted bottle cap collection on a mushroom with a painted top. Some of these caps are vintage! I mean a Zima bottle cap has to be worth something right? No, well I felt like the caps themselves where pretty enough on their own to be mushrooms. So I made a few more.
Christmas ornaments for beer lovers, and recycled craft lovers bottle caps and corks equal Mushrooms!

Then I took a few artsy photo's of them.
Oh my pretty beer cap mushrooms.

The owl looms over the mushroom forest

Recycled crafting is pretty and fun!
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  1. eeeeeeek I Loooooove them. tooo cute

  2. Thanks, Renee!
    They were a lot of fun to make.

  3. These are tons of fun - I'm featuring this project at on 12/25!

  4. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your post Heather. I am working on some holiday legwarmers right now!

  5. Jessica have you made melted snowmen? they are so cool,and if you hang in front of the lights it makes them glow that color :D

  6. I haven't made the melted snowmen. That sounds cool though, what are they made out of?


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