Recycled Crafts: Make a necklace from a vintage mens tie.

Here's a cool recycled crafts project that is very easy and quick to make.  A while back, on Etsy I saw some amazing couture neck pieces made from men's ties. I love this idea. I can't find the exact shop I was looking at to show you but, anyway here is my more laid back version for everyday wearing. To make this necklace I simple cut a tie to fit my neck with a little overlap. Tucked in and sewed raw edge, made a button hole with my sewing machine, and attatched a vintage button I had laying around!

One of the great things about using men's ties is that they are often silk.  I have a small collection of ties that I have bought from thrift stores.  I don't know why I bought them, just too cool looking to pass up I guess. It's not easy being a hoarder.  But now they have a purpose! Tell me what you think, cool or just another ugly tie?
Here's another one.

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