Finished western Style Scarf!

I finished this scarf for my friend, in about 4 hours. I am kind of a slow knitter. I take a lot of breaks to look at my work and stretch my fingers. I only have this kinda crappy sideways picture of it because I have already given it to her. I love it! I want one too, and I am thinking Christmas presents for sure.  So easy and fast to knit, also uses a small amount of yarn. This one is a blue cotton, that is supposed to fade like denim. It is nice and soft and drapey. I am thinking silk yarn, or other expensive yarn would be lovely. If I had more time I was going to embellish the finished scarf, maybe monogrammed, pom poms, or a button or two. The pattern is from the book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.
It is super easy, just start with 3 stitches, slip first stitch of every row, and knit into front and back of the last stitch in every row, until it is the size you want. It is garter stitch so easy to do while watching TV or at family gatherings. I love this book she has an awesome section in the beginning that talks about color that is very interesting.  The yarns and color tones make simple stitches and uncomplicated patterns into something really special.  I am also knitting the leg warmers from the book stay tuned for the finished project.


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