Recycled Crafts: Old Jeans in a New kind of jean skirt.

I have a ton of old jeans that don't fit right or people have given me.  I love denim as  a fabric, it looks good new and old and all stages in between.  I am always looking for new ways to recycle old jeans.  I don't really like the things I make to look like jeans though.  You know what I mean, like the purse with the back pockets and front zipper.  That just makes me think butt purse.  So for this skirt I used three pairs of jeans and cut strips of fabric half the width of the jean leg and half the length of my waist measurement.  Then I shingled the pieces until I had my desired length trimmed edges.  Made another sheet of "fabric" for the back and sewed everything together and then to the waistband of a pair of jeans that still fit in the waist.  Oh yeah and I added two darts in the back.
Skirt modeled by tree stump

I love how it turned out. The only thing I would do to improve it is to add a kick pleat ( I think thats what its called) to the back.  Walking is fine but I definetly don't have enough leg room to run or kick.


  1. I really like this! It's definitely better than the old way of opening the inner leg seam and adding a triangle of fabric. I'll try it after I finish my denim quilt.

  2. I found this pin on Pinterest awhile back and just yesterday I made a similar skirt using this as a guide. Thanks for the idea!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  3. Sounds cool and basically do-able. Except I don't know how to make darts or kick pleats.


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