Recycled Crafts: Make a beret style hat, from an old sweater.

The angle of the sunlight through the trees and the crisp quality in the air have alerted me to the arrival of hat season.  I relish and dread this time of year.  I have yet to find the perfect hat, stylish warm, and above all doesn't make me look funny.  I think my head might not be made for hats but I have to keep trying because I live in Minnesota.  I found the scoodie to be sufficient on warmer days but a little wind and below zero temps require a scoodie with a hat underneath.  Last year I solved my hat problem by looking ridiculous on purpose by wearing a giant red hat most of the year.

At the end of the season I made a beret style hat out of an old sweater that turned out great.
So here goes another attempt, I bough t this sweater at Goodwill a few days ago.  It is pure wool hope its not too itchy.

 I used some different sized embroidery hoops to cut out my circles. The big one is about ten inches across and the smaller one is eight inches across.  You could also use a string half the length attached to a marker on one end and a thumb tack on the other.  Place the thumb tack in the middle of the circle stretch string taut and draw a circle.
First cut out 2 large circles. Then cut a small circle out of the middle of one of the larger circles.
Sew large circles together, right sides together.  Use a zigzag or overlock stitch, very close to the edge.
Create a headband out of the bottom of sweater. I used 2 1/2 inches by 22 inches, but I have kind of a big head so just make a headband that fits your head. Sew onto top of hat making sure the seam is on the inside, and stretching the band while sewing it to the hat.  To do this part I usually pin in 4 places dividing it into even quarters then sew.

Make sure to iron seams open or your hat will look kind of lumpy.  Using a ham is very helpful for this part.  Don't have a sewing ham? I love mine I suggest getting one.


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