Brown butter cookies

I recently decided I needed to make brown butter flavored cookies.  I envisioned them to be thin crispy wafer cookies with a nutty brown butter flavor.  I decided I should follow a recipe because brown butter can't really substitute for whole butter in the baking world, as whole butter has no water in it and browned butter doesn't.  So I did an internet search and came up with this recipe.   
The recipe claims to be a miracle of chemistry.  I am not sure if it was the recipe or the way I followed the recipe however I was not satisfied with the results.

My daughter thinks they are the best cookies ever. "They're powdery!" she said in a complimentary tone.   I found the flavor pleasing but the texture horrifying.  It reminded me of eating roux. Don't ask me why I know what its like to eat roux.  I think I may have screwed up the recipe as I found the instructions rather vague at times.  After browning the butter the recipe says to let cool.  How cool? Browned butter is about the hottest thing ever so cooling to to warm is what I did.  Oh well, need to buy more butter and try again.


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