Again with the eggs. Balsamic Pickled Eggs Take 2.

So my first attempt at balsamic pickled eggs was not quite what I was looking for. I wanted the flavors to be balsamic, black pepper, and coriander. The balsamic was overpowering and made the egg whites rubbery.  the black pepper was evident and quite pleasant, however the coriander was lost in the mix.  I revised the recipe for the amount of vinegar/water, and thanks to some advise from crafters on craftster, toasted the coriander and crushed it before making the pickles.
They turned out beautifully.

Sorry about the bad picture, saving up for a new camera.
The Recipe
Balsamic Pickled Eggs
1 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup water
2 Tablespoons white sugar
2 Tablespoons black pepper
2 Tablespoons whole coriander
Toast coriander in dry pan until aromatic. Crush coriander in mortar and pestle. Add everything in a small pot and simmer together 5 minutes. Pour into mason jar over hard boiled peeled eggs (approximately 8).

All the flavors are evident and delicious.  This is the pickled egg to be served at a posh cocktail party, to be sure.
So whats next, you ask, beet pickled eggs with star anise? Or perhaps Spicy Indian pickled eggs? Any suggestions or votes welcome.

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