Hellow little owl

Hello again non existent readers, For your viewing pleasure this hour I have a friendly owl and some spooky pumpkins. The pumpkins were carved by my hubby with a little help from jack-o-lattern.com, and their spiffy free patterns, and a lot of help from the dremel. The owl is made by moi. I saw one on craftster and had to make some, not one some. What is it about little cute things that you can't make just one? And then you have to eat them. I bought the huge pink eyes at Ax-Man is this a nation wide chain, or are we just lucky here in MN. Sorry can't find the link for the pattern I used as a starting point. I changed it anyway. If anyone is interested I could post pics of my pattern.

My camera sucks. Or maybe I don't know how to use it properly! Who knows.


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