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Minnesota Mushrooms: Chaga Foray, How to make Chaga tea

Does this look familiar? If you have ever hiked in the north woods where there are large populations of birch trees, chances are you have seen the Clinker Polypor before.

I have had this blog post on the back burner for some time. Since my first failed attempt to collect chaga a few years ago I have been very successfull at a couple of Minnesota locations. My mom and I now feel like we have a bounty of chaga, and when we go snow shoeing we only go for the easy "low hanging fruit". It is still exciting to find a large chaga, I think because foraging is tough in the winter, not a lot going on compared to Minnesota in the summer with berries, nuts, and mushrooms growing everywhere.
Chaga is actually the mycelium of the mushroom not the fruiting body. It is very hard, the best way to harvest it is with a hammer, hit it just right and it will kinda pop out of the tree. What about the tree you ask? Don't worry chaga is only present in dead or dieing birch. The fungus usually …

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